M&C International Grocers was established in July 2016 by Craig and Michael. Craig, originally from Australia, moved to the UK with his family at the age of 7. After 20 years in the UK, a brief return home, and another 13 years in New Zealand, Craig has returned home to Cairns, Australia for good. 

Michael, who prefers to be called Mitch, is originally from Southern Africa. Mitch moved to Auckland, New Zealand as a young man and has now relocated to Cairns, Australia permanently.

Both Craig and myself have always dreamed of being grocery merchants. We were inspired by iconic stores such as Johnson's Grocery, established over 105 years ago in Christchurch NZ. In today's modern world, to emulate an icon or even recreating that 70's classic "Open All Hours" , is possible, and can be achieved with hard work, dedication, passion and a desire to provide the best experience in customer relations, customer service and sales. 

And on that note, we'll return to discussing which one of us is Granville and which one is Mr. Arkwright...    

Thank you for visiting our website.  Mitch.

What's different about our store?

The first reaction we get from our customers when they walk into our store is - "WOW!, this is amazing", "Unreal... it feels just like being back home!" 

Our aim is to create that unique experience of childhood memories, familiarity and remembering the past with fondness. Our store offers a wide range of traditional British foods and truly is " A Taste of Britain in the Tropics."