Incorporating the Kiwi Dairy

Please allow for up to approximately FIVE days delivery, throughout the rest of Australia, at our flat rates below.  (At this stage, we are not shipping overseas).

Here are the indicative costs, which will be added to your final charges, (once we have contacted you), for your credit or debit card number.  Please ensure you have placed your mobile phone number in the relevant field, so we can finalise everything for you, and ship your goodies at the earliest opportunity.

Indicative postage and packaging fees, based on AUSTRALIA POST website.  We will obtain a true freight cost once we have the parcel ready to go, and made contact, by ensuring your phone number has been advised to us.  

0g - 100g
$8.50 for postage and packing

101g - 200g
$12.50 for postage and packing

201g - 300g
$15.00 for postage and packing

301g - 500g
$19.50 for postage and packing

501g - 1kg
$22.00 for postage and packing

1.001kg - 30kg
Please call us so we can give you a rough indication of what the postage and packing will be.  It all comes down to weight and dimensions.

If you are ever unsure about freight costings please let us know.  We are only a phone call away.